Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Weaving is something that's always fascinated me, and that I've always enjoyed doing.  As a child I remember being thrilled to have the chance to weave a tiny runner on a plastic loom in school.  Later I bought my first Harris loom and taught myself to weave cloth and rugs. Then I discovered the art of tapestry weaving, which led me to buy my first high-warp loom.

Everything I weave, whether it's scarf, rug or tapestry, tells a story of colour and texture, depth and surface, dark and light.  This website aims to celebrate weaving and showcase some of my work. Occasionally I exhibit with Shropshire Yarns fellow tapestry weavers, Lindsey Marshall and Maralyn Hepworth. I'm also a member of the British Tapestry Group, whose purpose is to celebrate the best in tapestry, an ancient art form with a thriving contemporary life.    

Do look them up. Their site is worth a browse.  Or google 'tapestry weaving' and surprise yourself with the richness and variety of what you find. 

I hope you enjoy this site and are maybe even inspired to give weaving a go yourself. If you're interested in learning to weave tapestry, do get in touch, or if you want a speaker for your event.  Tapestry is a slow art form,  but incredibly rewarding. In a crowded world where everything has to be done fast and there's precious little space to  stop and think, there's nothing like the feel of thread beneath one's fingers as weft is drawn across warp and a tapestry silently emerges.

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